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Hey Queen!

Are you tired of:

  • Struggling to set foot in a competitive market?
  • Having your competency questioned due to your gender?
  • Investments going to those who least need them?
  • The economic system exploiting people and our environment?

So are we!

And that's why we've decided to create:


About Queen of the Neighborhood

QUEEN OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD (QUOTN for short) is a platform for ethical shoppers, dreamers, doers and influencers, who know that consumption is a political choice.

You could say that QUEEN OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD is for people who care and dare to make a difference!

Rebel grrrls* who know, that there is nothing more sustainable than punk and run their businesses and brands accordingly.

QUEEN OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD addresses all feminists, who want to support each other and create an alternative to the current economy.

Read our manifesto

With QUOTN you can

Search and find female* founded businesses in a selected area
Create and look for safe spaces
Help create transparency, sustainability and fair working conditions

Soon, you will also be able to:

Search and post jobs
Help women* fund their projects and ideas
Get and offer support for all things business

Why we do what we do

Every 20 hours, a start up is founded in Berlin. But only 15.3% of these are founded by women*
yellow flash
68% of women* working in German start ups have experienced sexism, mainly in form of sexist jokes
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In 2016, women* were paid up to 25% less in start ups than their male colleagues
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40% of women* working in German start ups have reported unsolicited body contact and groping
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Only every 20th high tech company is founded by women* only

Pretty messed up, right?

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Who is Queen of the Neighborhood?

Iulia Mitzner founder, CEO
Rahel Wollenberger founder, CTO
Ayanda Matiringe software developer
Henriette Hartmann business development
Carolyn Hung software developer
Gizem Eza social media management
Juliane Jehle sales
Karla Paloma illustrations
Mareika Greiss content creator
Monika Stekowski content writer
Smatka Bartz videographer
Willi Sieger videographer

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