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An app like QUOTN shouldn't exist. But neither should the patriarchal society as we still face it today. Albeit a lot has been achieved over the last decades in women’s rights and the LGBQTI movement, we recently had to face a few ugly setbacks, that made clear, that we are not as far as we have hoped in terms of gender equality. So here we are!

The future isn’t female! It is tempting to say that the future is female, when all we want to do is get rid of toxic masculinity and men holding control of the majority of power structures. A shift to the “opposite” sounds inviting, yet it probably doesn't provide the final solution. QUOTN thinks beyond gender and hopes the future will be non binary or gender less. So on our journey of getting rid of the “cis-tem" and as a platform and network, we are outspokenly inclusive of ALL trans, non binary, femme or woman* identified personas.

Glass ceiling, corporate feminism doesn't help all women! QUOTN is aware of the danger of this project becoming the glass ceiling, corporate, white feminist project it could easily turn into, due to the topic it is dealing with. It is important for QUOTN to actively work against this as much as possible! Once our community has become big and strong enough, we will make sure to support the less privileged. But in order to do so we, need to focus on ourselves first. It’s a little bit like being on an airplane: Help yourself first, then help others! It is a goal for QUOTN to be able to conduct surveys, hold workshops and raise money for teaching less privileged girls* and educating boys* about gender equality. Having said that, being aware of our social responsibilities already, we deeply care about women*, working in women* run businesses. So in the future we want to give them a voice as well and let them rate and publsih their experience about working in those companies. With that we aspire to create a future of fairer working conditions and more transparency for everyone!

Make yourself visible! It is important to QUOTN to point out again, that for sure, this project is for the already privileged. It features women in more or less empowered positions, wanting to become even more powerful. Having said that, their importance to function as role models and their contribution to a normalisation of showing women* in professionally powerful positions, is not to be underestimated. So visibility is one of our main focuses for now.

Sustainability is mandatory in the long run, but not forced on you right now. We are working on a handbook and guidelines featured companies will have to full fill. While this is still in the making, the companies shown on our app are hand selected and carefully chosen by us. Later, by giving consumers and staff the chance to rate the women* run businesses, QUOTN will create transparency and support sustainably working enterprises. It will also be mandatory to publish wages for all job offers posted on QUOTN. It is a goal for QUOTN to honour the best rated businesses with awards, once the rating system has collected enough data.

QUOTN is more than quota! QUOTN is an abbreviation for QUEEN OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD. QUEEN OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD is inspired by the song “Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill, which has been used a feminist reference quite often. To tie this app to the riot grrrl movement of the 90ies made sense, since we wanted a name that adds the needed fierceness and power to our network. It also lifts women* in a working environment beyond simply being hired to fulfil some sort of quota, by giving the German word “Quoten” another meaning. The name also underlines it’s strong glocality. QUOTN thinks global, but acts local by connecting women* in their neighborhoods and beyond.

Hey guys*, we are in this together! We know there are a lot of men out there that mean well and we are addressing them too. But since most of the world is a playground for cis white men, it would be great if you could leave us this network for now! If you want to support women* run businesses or look for collaborations: cool! We need your help in shifting this economic imbalance and create a fairer better world for everybody. Having said that, it is our goal to soon be able to open up our app to mixed founding teams.

Intersectionality matters to QUOTN. We are trying to keep our team as diverse as possible to add different perspectives to our approach and content. Since our team is still growing, we haven't reached the perfect balance yet. Please give us some time to do so!

Your voice and opinion matters to us! Feel free to get in touch to share your thoughts! We are also always looking for talent!